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The counterfeit networking equipment would have fooled business customers “without a doubt” and were spotted by specialists.

Member of conspiracy to import and traffic counterfeit electronic product gets 37 months in prison

NEWARK, N.J. – An Italian national who smuggled counterfeit electronics, including Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods, from China for sale in the United States was sentenced Friday to 37 months in prison



 What’s next for online black markets?

European and U.S. officials announced the closures of the two marketplaces on Thursday, dealing a major blow to online black markets.

Alibaba wins landmark counterfeit cat food case 

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has won a landmark court case over the selling of counterfeit cat food on its Taobao platform.

 German Firms Lost Millions Of Euros In ‘CEO Fraud’ Scam: BSI

German firms have lost millions of euros to organized crime in a scam dubbed “CEO Fraud” that uses faked memos from top executives to entice accounting personnel to transfer funds, Germany’s federal cyber agency said. (U.S. News And World Report)

Individuals lost an estimated £10 billion to fraud in 2016 while the private sector lost around £144 billion, according to the Annual Fraud Indicator. (Business Insider)

Alfred Adkins, 45, was found guilty by a federal jury in Lexington, Kentucky, on four counts including conspiracy, mail fraud and wire fraud following a one-week trial. (Reuters)

 Hong Kong, Singapore and UAE main hubs for fake trade

Unsurprisingly, China is the main source of fake goods, and they often transit via Hong Kong, Singapore and UAE.